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    Diver - Sarah Jane Pell


    The natural force behind all action. Powering everything imaginable.

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    Performance - Sarah Jane Pell


    The past, present and future of who we are, were and will be.

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    Researcher - Sarah Jane Pell


    A raw representation of strength. The surging force we desire.

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    Artist - Sarah Jane Pell


    The elements of our life in their simplest form.

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    Speaker - Sarah Jane Pell


    One part excess, two parts refinement. Mix until consistancy is reached.

Independent artist commercial diver, explorer and researcher.

An interdisciplinary practitioner with a background in both Fine Arts and Commercial Diving, I feel compelled to explore, create and dream - often the only artist in a sea of other professionals - steadfast in my trust of intuition and passionate curiosities, and with a healthy respect for disruptive thinking, accelerated change and ideas with gumption. I collaborate with other artists, scientists and architects too from time-to-time. Through collaboration, I seek to create a new experimental space. With real interdisciplinarity, we can illuminate currently known concepts anew, and invent, design and explore imagined futures. At the core of every project, I seek to re-engage with the fundamental creativity of human performance, expression and behaviours at the extremes of exploration and curiosity. What does that really mean? I'm not entirely sure yet but I know when it 'feels' right...and in between, I try to keep myself in a positive pressure environment. In 2010, I was awarded TED2010 Fellow: a "young world-changer and trailblazers who has shown unusual accomplishment and exceptional courage". This website introduces you to some of my ideas, adventures, mishaps, and friends made along the way.


Future Cities 2: Invited Speaker

Posted by SJP in AVATAR | University of Greenwich, UK.
Future Cities 2.0 2013

The Future Cities 2 programme is an exploratory bridge to Other Worlds, where a series of international pan disciplinary experts will introduce us to many strange environments ranging from the Deep, to mutant urban landscapes, Science Fiction cities, Communicating Vessels, exquisite dirt, Next Natures and extra-terrestrial landscapes. Keynote by Greg Lynn. Other speakers include: Rachel Armstrong, Nic Clear, Mark Garcia, Simon Herron, Koert van Mensvoort, Mark Morris, Sarah Jane Pell, and Neil Spiller. Can't wait!

University of Greenwich, UK 11 April 2013.



5Di Science of Fiction - World Building Thought Leader

Posted by SJP in 5D Institute | University of Southern California, US.
Science of Fiction USC 2013

Delighted to participate in the USC | 5D Institute first Science of Fiction one-day World Building festival. Leading theorists and practitioners from a wide spectrum of creative and scientific disciplines will join with SCA student innovators. Using the narrative design principles of World Building, these open and revolutionary minds will work together to create an alternate visionary world, a near future fiction that might also lie just around the corner.

USC School of Cinematic Art, LA 13 April 2013.



LondonReal.tv Guest

Posted by SJP in Longstem Productions LLP, London UK.
LondonReal Promo Brian Rose Nic Gabriel

Guess who will be appearing on LondonReal next month? This is a one-hour unscripted interview with hosts Brian Rose and Nic Gabriel both Jui-jitsu professionals and consume TV/Postcast personalities.

It is all about the journey, they write. Naturally, I am imagining conversations about life as a young Leonardo with a penchant for the sea and space where nothing is secure or fixed. It seems fitting that I propose an underwater martial arts competition as live art while I have the chance. They seem open to new challenges!

Live LondonReal.tv April 17 (GMT).


Sg13 Smart Geometry Symposium KEYNOTE

Posted by SJP in Smartgeometry Symposium, The Bartlett, London UK.
Smartgeometry Conference 2013

The Smartgeometry Conference and Workshop sg2013 will be a global gathering of innovators and pioneers in the fields of architecture, design and engineering. The event will be in two parts, a four day Workshop 15-18 April, and a public conference beginning with Talkshop19 April, followed by a Symposium 20 April. My keynote presentation Depth Matters shall examine the life of imagined future inhabitants of deep Earth, deep Sea and possible deep Extraterestrial life.

The Bartlett, London UK 20 April 2013.



Underwater Play Premiere at CHI'13

Posted by SJP in CHI'13 Interactivity, Palais de Congrès de Paris, FR.
Gravity Well: Underwater Play CHI 2013

Smart Underwater jelly-bots will be dancing at the Palais de Congrès de Paris as an interactive exhibit Gravity Well: Underwater Play at CHI 2013 and the First ACM European Computing Research Congress. We are refining the robotic movement range for a demonstration installation in two small portable tanks. Four brightly coloured "baby fish" display multi-axis movement to mimic your aquabatic interactions with "mother fish".

CHI'13 Interactivity, Paris FR 28 Apr-3 May 2013.



National EXPERIMENTAL Arts Forum Panalist

Posted by SJP in Australian Government, Australia Council for the Arts.
Australia Council Logo

The Inter-Arts Office of the Australia Council for the Arts will hold the inaugural National Experimental Arts Forum to bring together key stakeholders in the field of emerging and experimental arts in Australia. The program will feature keynote lectures from Professor Jill Bennett, Director of the National Institute for Experimental Arts, and Oron Catts, Director of SymbioticA; a panel of artists sharing their definition of ‘experimental’; participant-led discussions using the Open Space methodology; and a PechaKucha session for individual artist presentations.

Australia Council, Sydney AU 5-6 May.



4th International SPACE ARTS Workshop Advisor

Posted by SJP in ISAW4, NASA Ames Research Park, Moffett Field CA.
ISAW 4th International Space Arts Workshop

ISAW4: 4th International Space Arts Workshop is for gathering a significant portion of the major space artists in the world whose art is about outer space, zero gravity as well as other space-engaged cultural scholars and educators, advocates and representatives of significant institutions (i.e. space agencies, universities and media) for cataloging the cultural framework of Humanity in Space.

NASA ARC, Moffett Field US, 20-22 May.