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    Diver - Sarah Jane Pell


    The natural force behind all action. Powering everything imaginable.

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    Performance - Sarah Jane Pell


    The past, present and future of who we are, were and will be.

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    Researcher - Sarah Jane Pell


    A raw representation of strength. The surging force we desire.

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    Artist - Sarah Jane Pell


    The elements of our life in their simplest form.

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    Speaker - Sarah Jane Pell


    One part excess, two parts refinement. Mix until consistancy is reached.

Independent artist commercial diver, explorer and researcher.

Dr. Sarah Jane Pell hopes to be amongst the first generation of artists to work in outer space. Her pioneering practice seeks to embody, and critique, the culture of exploration and redefine our visions of future worlds from sea, to summit, to space. She performs expressively and builds novel prototype apparatus to test and communicate from the field. Artifacts include sculptural, technical, poetic and media events. Her work promotes physical conditioning, creative visualisation and communication.

Dr. Pell’s work is widely exhibited, performed, published and recognised. The first artist to graduate from the International Space University and Singularity University, she was awarded Best PhD Art & Science by Leonardo AS, MIT 2007. She is an experienced Occupational Diver, aquatic performer and versitile art and science collaborator. She is currently Co-Chair of the European Space Agency (ESA) Topical Team Arts & Science, Senior Space Art Consultant to Icarus Interstellar, RMIT Visiting Fellow and Australia's only TED Fellow. She is working on Bending Horizons 2015-2017: documenting her own expression during extreme art adventures in space analogue environments undersea, at altitude and in microgravity. She aims to contribute new knowledge on human behaviours, biosensory media and communication design for extreme performance.


Bending Horizons: Live on Kickstarter Now!

Posted by SJP in Sagarmāthā (Mt. Everest) | Himalaya Nepal.

In her boldest project yet, Sarah is preparing to summit Mt. Everest in 2015. Her mission is to record the first person view of the expedition with a 360degree HD camera, while making site-specific artistic responses at various altitudes. She is in the rigorous phases of training leading to the prerequisite preconditioning of the mind and body for the ascent. She is also consulting with expeditionary artists, explorers and technologists to adapt creative tools to endure the cold remote heights.

Mt Everest Summit Expedition 1 Apr-3 Jun 2015.



SeS Summit Speaker: live from Everest Base Camp

Posted by SJP in Sea Earth Space Summit | Houston, Texas USA.
Pell and Dam Speakers SeS Summit from Everest Base Camp

The Sea, Earth, and Space (SES) Summit will explore the boundaries of human performance.

Dr. Sarah Pell (artist-commercial diver) and Satyabrata Dam (alpinist-ex-submariner) will co-present live from Mt. Everest Base Camp to discuss solutions to the expressive needs of the human operating in extreme environments: high altitude art, and performance insights for human spaceflight and undersea habitation.

South Shore Harbor Resort & Conference Center (by NASA Johnson Space Centre), 1-3 May 2015



DO Lectures Speaker: Pre-Everest Fire-Side Chat

Posted by SJP at DO Lectures | Glen Valley, AU.
DO Lectures Australia promo

DO Lectures Australia invite a set of people to come and tell a group of live-in invited-guests what they Do. Speakers are creators of change, those who rattle the proverbial cage and strive towards doing something new.

This is the only time Sarah will speak publically in the week before departing for Kathmandu on an Everest Summit expedition.

Payne's Hut, 19-22 March 2015.



Performance Research publishes aquabatics essay

Posted by SJP in Performance Research, Volumne 19 Issue 5, pages: 99-108.
Joseph Seif PR 19(5):88

Aquabatics: a post-turbulence performance in water Pell, S.J.

"This essay provides an opportunity for those who are prepared to dive in and perform within a body of water. I firstly expand upon the cultural and technological scaffolds of meaning and device that relate the forms and flows of material practice in water. This serves to situate a particular creative vantage that comes from the experience of performing within turbulence noting when the body becomes indistinguishable from a body of water...".

Special Issue: On Turbulence. Ed. Paul Carter. Dec 2014. Routlegde: DOI:10.1080/13528165.2014.958365 (free)


Acta Astronautica publishes ESA art science whitepaper

Posted by SJP in Acta Astronautica, Volume 105, Issue 1, pages: 181-191.
ETTAS paper AA 105(1):181-191

Towards a cooperation between the arts, space science research and the European Space Agency - Preliminary findings of the ESA Topical Team Arts and Sciences (ETTAS) Pell, S.J., Imhof, A.B., Waldvogel, A., Kotler, J.M., & Peljhan, M.

Highlights: Recommendations to ESA for an ESA Arts Initiative EAI; Towards a collaboration between artists, scientists and engineers; Formats of cooperation, strategic relations, financing, quality management, results; Use of existing ESA infrastructure and programmes to complement project goals.; and Recommendations for future similar initiatives.

International Academy of Astronautics, Dec 2014. Elsevier: DOI 10.1016/j.actaastro.2014.08.015 (subscription)


Officially Opening: Stars in Disguise exhibition at MONA

Posted by SJP at Museum of Old & New Art, Berriedale AU.
Stars in Disguise exhibition at MONA, Rahni Allen and Sarah Jane Pell

Stars in Disguise is an immersive multi-media installation at the Museum of Old and New Art by Tasmanian artist and 2013 MONA Scholarship recipient, Rahni Allan.

Dr. Pell officially opened the exhibition and introduced Allan's stellar work comprising visual illusions, arstronaut training and interactive space-art-hacks. Allan installed an external DIY hubble telescope tracking the sun with fibre optics feeding into the gallery space. The optical stars mimic the night sky: suspended above a reflective pool and mirrored to immerse the viewer.

Museum of Old & New Art, 11 Dec 2014 - 11 Jan 2015.



EA Convention Speaker: Women in Engineering Breakfast

Posted by SJP in Engineers Australia Convention (EAC), Melbourne AU.
Engineers Australia Convention

A panel including a leading female engineer, entreprenaur, scientist and artist take an in-depth look on the position of women in leadership: Dr. Marlene Kanga, AO, May Ngui, Dr. Leonie Walsh, and Dr. Sarah Jane Pell for the Women in Engineering Breakfast Panel.

EA Convention 2014 was the largest engineering event ever held in the southern hemisphere.

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, AU. 25-29 Nov 2014.



Sarah featured in book of 101 Superachievers

Posted by SJP at Going Supernova: The Bold Paths of 101 Superachievers.
Going Supernova Book promo

Author Molly Lavik interviewed 101 superachievers including Guy Kawasaki, Peter Diamandis, Keith Powers, Alex Lightman and Sarah Jane Pell. The stories are fascinating and organized by the five Going Supernova traits Molly found predominant in people who superachieve: Transforming adversity into opportunity, Stepping outside your comfort zone, Zigzagging, Self-exploration and Full-throttle focus.

Going Supernova: The Bold Paths of 101 Superachievers, Mentor InSight New York, Oct 2014.



Mars Simulation inspires Short Sci-Fi Film

Posted by SJP in Victorian Space Science Education Centre, Strathmore AU.
Sarah Jane Pell - Mars VSSEC 2014

A professional visit to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre with Dr. Katie Mack, Dr. Michael John and Rich Byrnes inspires Dr. Sarah Jane Pell to return to direct a short sci-fi film exploring a possible future entanglement with primitive explorer fish on Mars.

Behind the scenes of "Mars Explorer Fish" staring and produced by Dr. Sarah Pell. Camera Dr. Shaun Wilson. Production assistants: Sean Elliot and Dr. Danielle Wilde. Film still in post-production.

VSSEC Mars Simulation Missions Aug - Sep 2014.